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Comprehensive Dental Billing ensures that you collect 100% of what you produce
Comprehensive Dental Billing ensures you collect 100% of what you produce. We specialize in dental billing and AR clean-up for dental practices. We also have cross-coding ability (dental and medical billing for dental surgeries) NO START-UP FEES OR LONG-TERM CONTRACT Improve your case acceptance as your staff will have more time to spend with your patients and be able to focus on collecting co-payments, filling your schedule, and presenting treatment plans since they won’t have to worry about your accounts receivable any longer. Our Services: - Prompt and accurate submission for all electronic claims and attachments. - Accurate posting for all payments from insurance and adjustments. - Accounts receivables clean-up/AR report, we can retroactively submit all of your unpaid claims for up to one year from the date of service. - Cross-coding for dental surgeries, obtaining a letter of medical necessity from the patient’s primary care provider if needed, along with getting a pre-determination per your request. - Systematic follow-up on any claims that are outstanding 30 days, investigating denied or underpaid claims and start our proven appeal process if needed. - Digital marketing to generate new patients, organic SEO, social media marketing - Practice analysis evaluation for maximizing practice revenue with experienced and proven techniques. - Assisting your team members with any help they need, we also can help with balancing end-of-day and end-of-month reconciliation reports. Contact Us If you would like to know more about what we can offer you or would like to some examples of our work, we’ll be happy to show you upon request. Please call us at (805) 387-4004 or visit our website at

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