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Amarillo, Texas
United States

Dental Xray Machine for sell
We sell all brand of dental xray machine. Note below the Dental Xray Machine we have instock and their prices. PLANMECA PROMAX 3D Cone Beam with ceph attached== price $22.000 KODAK 9000 3D Cone Beam with ceph attached====$20,000 Carestream/Kodak CS9500 CBCT price $20,000 VATECH PICASSO Duo Panoramic X-Ray + 3D/CBCT Price $18,000 PLANMECA PROLINE XC with Ceph atached====$8900 GENDEX CB-500 Cone Beam===$18,000 Plamenca Proone dental Xray unit price $10,000 Vatech 2D Digital X-ray unit price $10,000 Digital Pax-i SP Dental Panoramic X-Ray System price $12,000 Planmeca Promax 3D Upgraded Panoramic X-Ray With Ceph Arm price $18,000 Gendex GX DP-300 Digital Panoramic X-ray unit price $10,000 2012 Sirona XG3D ORTHOPHOS dental Xray unit price $38,000 Prexion 3D XP68 2011 Dental Panoramic X-Ray price $25,000 Carestream/Kodak 9300 CS Panoramic Digital Dental X-ray unit price $25,000 The machine are working very perfectly and without any cosmetics damage. Note that we can ship this machine to any interested buyer anywhere in the world Delivery Exactly 4 days

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