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Site Information

1. Search the Ads
2. My Page (member’s feature)
3. Post an Ad (member’s feature)
4. Contact Box (member’s feature)
5. Email Notification (member’s feature)

1.  Search Ads

Step 1:
Select a category from the menu along the left side of the page. For some categories you can be more specific by selecting a subcategory.

Step 2:
Narrow your search by selecting the country of interest and  province/state. You may also enter the city. The search can be even more specific by entering a ‘keyword’ to search for (eg. a dental specialty, a product, etc.).

Step 3:
Click the ‘search’ button to get your search results. Some of the ads may have ‘…more’ at the end of the text. This indicates that there may be more text, more photos, or a contact box availble. You can click on the "...more" or the title to see this additional information.  You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Step 4:
To respond to an ad read the text in the ad itself for contact info or fill in the 'contact box' if one is available.

2. My Page

After becoming a member a 'My Page' tab will appear on the menu bar next to the ‘Site Info’ tab. Click on this tab to go to your web page. On this page you will be able to post your ads, manage your 'email notifications', and change your information and password. You will also see for each ad #views and #clicks. (#views is the number of visitors that have viewed your partial ads; #clicks is the number of viistors who have clicked on your partial ad to see the full ad)

3. Post Ads

Step 1:
Go to ‘My Page’ tab and click on "Post Ads". Fill out the form provided. To add a 'contact form' check off the box next to '‘Add a Contact Form" at the end of the page.

Step 2:
Add your photos. Each photo is assigned an ID to establish their order. Only the photo assigned ID 1 will appear on the initial search result page. The pictures must be less than 5mb and they will be resized automatically on download.

Step 3:
Review and post ad. It takes up to 24hrs for the ad to be viewable on the website. It is screened for inappropriate content.

4. Contact Form

This feature was included for those individuals who want to keep their emails private. If contact information is included in the ad, the contact box is unnecessary. To use this feature you need to select "add a contact box" during posting the ad. Once a response is received the person posting the ad uses their email address to continue the communication with the interested party using a standard email program (eg. Outlook express). 

5. Email Notification

This feature allows one to receive via email new ads posted to the site according to a specific search criteria setup set up by the user. This eliminates the need to constantly visit the website for new ads posted. Simply do a search that you are interested in. At the bottom of the search result page you will see "Add Email Notification". Click on this and it is automatically setup to send you all new ads according to your search criteria. The email notification will appear on [My page] where you can manage it.